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Post by Shady on Sun Apr 10, 2011 5:10 pm

Well when a player apply and get accepted he get a Interview IG and then in sheriff Department
So why wont make sure he ready to get to the street?.
After the interview IG he will Send a Questionnaire to the Sheriff/Under sheriff/Captain.
In the Questionnaire He put more Details.

Here is the Questionnaire.


Please make Full answers when you answering the following Questions:

Question 1:You got a 911 call about a man that got attacked and the suspects
havent left the place what will you do?:

Question 2:You patrol in Bay side and you see a man holding a weapon without
doing anything,just standing doing noting and the weapon in his hand what
will you do?:

Question 3:You patrol in bay side and see two men fighting (without weapons)
around what will you do?:

Question 4:You told a suspect to pull over with the megaphone and he kept driving
without responding to your orders what will you do?:

Question 5:You patrolling with your partner and you two see a gang of 7 members
sitting and driving while holding weapons:2 Tec 19,3 Colts and 2 Uzi wat will you do?:

Question 6:You in the scene and your having a gun fight,your out of ammu and you have
5 cops with you what will you do?:

Question 7:If a suspect refused to pay/take the ticket what will you do?:

Question 8:You on foot patrol and you notice a dead body lying in the street what
will you do?:

Please copy your ID card and post it with the Questions:
(Picutre of your stats approve also)
Full name:
Place of birth:
Date of birth:
House Phone number:
Mobile number:
Car Model:
Profile Picture:

Please copy your ID card and post it with the Questions:

(If you passed put Green color on Passed,if you Failed Put a Red color on Failed

How much lessons you took until you passed?:

Did your Licenses ever got suspended for any reason?:

Did you got a ticket by a police officer for any reason?:

Military Experience

Did you served in the military?: Yes/No
If no Specify why?(If No dont answer the rest of the questions):

what you did in the military?:(Mechanic/Soldier/Techanic/Pilot or something ealse)

What rank you had in the military?:

Did you ever got promoted for any reason?:
If yes to what rank?:

Why you left?:

Family Condition

Father Name:

Mother name:

How much brothers you got?:
Specify There info:

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