how to rp fight with /do

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how to rp fight with /do

Post by khaledrocks on Sat Apr 23, 2011 1:58 pm

since i dont know i wanted to ask so i could learn from all your infinite wisdom of rping
so how do i rp a do fight and in particular when i rped a fight with someone how do i /f without being accused of pging to illustrate
guy1 is fighting and guy2 is watching
/do slaps me s/f ((guy1))
/do f has martial art skills ((me))
guy1 & 2:/b wtf dude ur pging ,pger pger ima report you

so what did i do wrong how do i point out the skills im rping and how do i win a legit rp fight

ps:guy 1 & 2 and me are humans

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Re: how to rp fight with /do

Post by Luna Kinneas on Sat Apr 23, 2011 3:55 pm

/do fail, has martial art skills is not a valid excuse....

plus,fights should be RPed with /me,like:

/me attempts to slap Hikari's face.
/do S/F?

/me notices that luna is going to slap him and attempts to hold her hand to avoid being slapped.
/do S/F?

/coin it,if it falls on head,hikari holds my hand,if it falls on Tails,he'll get bitchslapped Very Happy
Luna Kinneas
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