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Bus > Coach (Change back to Bus.)

Post by Neon Router on Fri May 27, 2011 10:41 pm

Well, it happens to be that there are two buses in the game. Now, long ago, before the Bus job was created, you could buy the Bus(431). Simple, eh?
It was really easy to maneuver and was nice and comfortable to drive in. Who can't agree?

But then, it happened.
The Bus job was created, and for some odd strange reason that I can't grasp the concept on, the Bus job was given to the crappy Coach. The Bus is not buyable.
But instead we're tricked to think that when we /v Buy a bus, we're actually buying a coach.

Now, heres whats up with the Coach.
1. It's too long and covers both sides of the road when it turns, often crashing into cars opposite due to it's shitty turning compared to the Bus.
2. It looks like shit. Really. The line of color is crap.

On the other hand, the Bus:
1. Is a very good turner. It doesn't go on the other side of the road like the Coach does, and is slightly shorter. It is also faster and generally easier to use.
2. It has a slightly better color design and the bus itself actually looks like a real life fucking bus.

What am I suggesting?
Change the Crappy Coach(437) back to the Best Bus(431). Oh, and apply the BUS job to the BUS.
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At least, if the coach is being kept....call it Coach not Bus...
(For 1338- admins: Oh, and on my Aluz_Yin account, change my first vehicle slot to the Bus(431), I was not refunded. I don't want a money refund. I want a vehicle refund. I do not want to buy a coach which is labeled as a Bus on /v buy. Same thing on my Katrisha_Yin account, except to change my SECOND vehicle slot to 431 as well. And make the Bus buyable with the Bus job.)
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