Bussines and house suggestion

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Bussines and house suggestion

Post by Kevin Alymer on Tue May 31, 2011 4:42 pm

Don't know if it's been suggested before,but it would be much better and realistic if bussineses could be co owned and houses could be shared, or the owner could let someone move in.

Moving in with someone in a house would make it better adoption, being a guardian, family , roommate roleplays. Basically the person would be invited to move in if inside the house and he/she would accept or not. Renting 1 dollar to move in makes your house openable from everyone.

As for bussineses both co owners can take care of bussines as IRL two owners would have more chances of doing good bussines. As for profits the original fist owner can get them. Why? Because if you buy a product from half price in your bussines and want to sell it higher only one owner can do so.
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