Inquisition related suggestions

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Inquisition related suggestions

Post by Midnight on Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:17 pm

Here they come (I personally think they're a must):

1) Inquisition name change to "The Camarilla"

Inquisition seems more a sect that hunts down supernatural beings,instead of ruling the vampires...
The Camarilla name comes from WoD so it has a sense.

2) Inquisition HQ

To hold meeting,briefings and public executions.
Would Improve the layout of the faction actually.
I would map it but if anyone is willing to do this,please PM me.

3) Inquisition private board,which leads to a forum usergroup for Inquisition.

So we can use the private board for our own things,like the to-do list that other players may MG if they stay on the public side of the faction section.


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