Just an idea for the servers Growth.

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Just an idea for the servers Growth.

Post by Terry Winston on Wed Jun 22, 2011 11:03 am

I have been playing on the server for a couple of weeks now and i am really enjoying it. However i have noticed that recently there hasn't been much going on, My theroy for this is because a good proprtion of the players are in SD or EMS. So So heres my suggestion.

Until we start getting a much bigger flow of people through the server SD/EMS Cannot recruit new members. The only way to have anyone new is if someone is fired or leaves, Because then you are just keep your numbers up. That way as people know they can't get into SD/EMS they will be forced to do other things such as civllian or try to join vamps/wolves (obviously vamps/wolves will have to make sure they screen people alot better so we don't just get every Level 1 trying to join and going round just killing people but when the killing is organised it will be good as SD can rp with them and such).
So in keeping with that, heres another suggestions More official factions For instants Gangs/Buisness/Rebels/Criminal and such because as i see it poeple only what to join official factions where they have a couple things a base,paycheck and possible vehicles. Ithink with some more organised crimes factions SD will have something to do.
Like for instants this new preist Church thing that set up. If that was a Actualy faction People would be more inclined to join it. As they have an actualy scripted base ( the church ) and A couple of vehicles (hearses) And a better pay check than if you where just a civillian ( not a massive one but like 50 more or something). For the roleplay of the church they could do marriages/deaths/exorsisms/Charity events (possible something to do with vamps).

I think the heads of the servers and the more Frequent players need to sit down on skype and discuss factions Even if it ment making a bunch of offical faction with no one in for the time being atleast people would have some choice and as the server grow they would fill up and people would start to request there own factions.

Because at the moment you Join SD/EMS/Vamps/Wolves or you just walk around town watchign the other factions do stuff.

(If you need someone to host the skype call me and edward moriaty or fegan are more than able to, if you don't have mics buy one there cheap and usefull)

Also just adding this here We could do with a mayor (another faction really) to run the city keeping all the faction in line and doing stuff around town such as charity days and races stuff liek that. ( would give swat and FBI some nice rp for instance Protecting the mayor on his outings and such) Factions like this are good as they use diffrent factions to make a whole rp if you see what i am saying.

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