The Separate Worlds

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The Separate Worlds

Post by Max_McFreeway on Thu Dec 30, 2010 11:31 pm

Max McFreeway
Psychical condition:Absolute.
Mental Condition:Emotionless,maniac.
Reason for coming into Palomino Creek:
After a corrupted cop killed his son and his wife,and Max found out who killed his family.He popped the cop,he served some jail time,and wanted to leave Los Santos,and so he did.He was heading in the middle of nothing,the Palomino Creek.City for people who are hiding something.He almost burned Sheriff's Department.He was announced crazy.Not many people wanted to have business with a Criminal like him,he could of burn a whole building and laugh at the people burning inside it,he could of set C4's around a house which he lives into and blow it up.

Jake Kingley
Psychical condition:Absolute
Mental Condition:Very Good.
Story:Jake's mother died when he was 6,she had cancer.His father was a LSPD Officer,one day,Jake's father got shot,Jake didn't know what to do,he had no family,no friends.He had nothing,he decided to leave Los Santos and get to some place where no one will know for him.That's why he headed to Palomino Creek,there he met Max McFreeway,a maniac,crazy person.They became best friends.Max hated cops,but Jake decided to follow his father's footsteps.So Jake became a Deputy.
((OOC Note to Raul_Guerrero:Sorry for using S.W.A.T skin,but it was the coolest one Wink ))

Now you post your characters story here!

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