Dave Nadler Life Story

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Dave Nadler Life Story

Post by Dave Nadler on Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:40 pm


Dave Nadler was born in austin,texas on march 22.1989.
He grew up with his father after his mother died when he was young.
his father owns a gun shop so dave went there everyday to learn more
about guns until age 17 he kept going with his father to the shop.

When Dave got to the age of 18 he went to the army,he got to the base near dallas,Texas.
He went to the armory to ask for a position there and he got it.
Dave worked hard because it was very hard to Organize all the Ammunition in the armory.
So Daveasked to work at the garage.He sent a letter to the captain for a promotion to work
at the garage with the others mechanics.
1 week later he got the promotion and went to the garage.
He worked there 2 Years and knew the job perfectly,Dave was 20 years old and wated to start
working as a civilian,he quit the military and went to find a job.
He looked all over Texas for a nice job,he looked for a job that he was skilled at such as a mechanic or a gun store looked for workers.he saw that a big new garage was looking for workers in "Los Santos" so he decided to fly there.

The flight

Dave went to the airport and bought a ticket to los santos and went on the plane.
He set in chair B-32 and fell a sleep,30 minuts after they took off,Dave woke up and saw everyone running and screaming.he stopped one of the men and asked him what the problam was?
The guy said:"We were flying and then we heard a gun shot,the security gaurd went to check
but when he opened the door a guy with a shotgun shot him".
Dave took his Sig sauer p220 [a gun] out of the holster and told the man "Hide fast",Dave aimed and started walking to the cockpir.He opened the door slowly while aiminghis gun,he saw the Terrorist threatening the pilot to change direction,He shot him in the head.
He put the Sig sauer p220 back in the holster and told the pilot to keep flying as usual.
He went back to the civilians section and told them:"Everyone please get back to your seats Everything is under control".
When the plane landed,Dave told the police what was happened and they took care of everything.

New Life

Dave took out his phone and ordered a taxi.While he was waitingfor the taxi he saw Aaron Lee,Old Friend from the armory in the army.
They chat a little until the taxi came,they got in and Aaron showed him the area near Palamino creek,that was near the garage.
Dave went there for the job,but they had no place left for another mechanic,Dave went to Dillimore to rent an a partment.
When he got there he saw a sign at the sheriff's department that saying "Recruiting,December 1 - December 30" He went inside the station and asked for help about the recruiting and the Secretary told him that he need to fill up some papers.
After he finished the paper work he went inside a room for medical tests.
1 hour later he start Physical tests to see his combat on a battle.
He went inside the sheriff office "Mr.Raul G." Dave sat down and waited for the sheriff,when Raul got inside the office he caht with Dave why he apply for the department.
After 2 hours Dave got accepted.He went with Raul to the locker Room and got his uniform,taser deagle,vest,flash light,nightstick,Radio and cruiser.

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