So that what i want here...

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So that what i want here...

Post by Nick Buchtele on Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:00 am

From topics there it could be good:

-car trunk mod will be nice
-also i want simple hunger mod (HP scrolling down very slowly)
-better anti cheat ( junk buster 11 is good so try to download it or find something else)
-that you know /votekick or /voteban (voteban for like 10 mins)
-phonebook will make peoples not MG in PM'S
-i want to increase free space for weapons in house ( now there are 2 slots but its bad, i want more like 4 or 5)
-note system ( like /createnote (text) /deletenote (note id) /notes /givenote (note id) (player id)

anyways i like your server so much and hope you add something from this stuff....

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