How To Start Off

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How To Start Off

Post by Amanda Edwards on Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:37 pm

Welcome, today we would overcome each section, teaching you various things, including how to make money, and also what to actually do with your cash. I hope you enjoy this.

Starting off:
Now, you would need an actual roleplay name, you may find these in websites, or name generators. The server would not allow famous names, for example; "Edward Cullen, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson etc". A roleplay name would be something like this; "Keith_Burke, Darrell_Williams, Yuri_Fedor etc".

Once you're into the game, you would come across a quiz, make sure you answer each question correctly, one mistake, and you're automatically kicked. Now, you would be able to register a password, make sure you note it down so you wouldn't forget it, and then login. Now you would be able to pick your gender, either pick male or female under the account you may be roleplaying with.

Now you'd be able to roam around the Red County, which is our main place. Now, you may be able to change your skin, just keep heading straight, until you come across a business named "Little Lady clothing store". To enter the business type /enter, to exit the business type /exit.
Now, keep heading left, until you reach the bank, enter it and you may be able to withdraw cash from it, deposit, or transfer cash to another person.

How to make money:
Well, I bet now your thinking how exactly do you make money? It's quite easy, you either harvest the paydays, or farm, fish, or even do a few bus routes. Obviously, each one would cost money, but their are also a few jobs, also known as factions. You could either join RCS, Sheriff's Department, or Emergency Medical Service. Each job would boost up your paychecks, by either 100-200$.

Fishing; Keep heading straight from the newbie spawn, and look left, you'd find a business which sells fishing rods, and bait. Either rent a vehicle, or buy a cheap vehicle, I would recommend a Sadler or a Faggio. Now bring up your map, and look for the Lagoon, which isn't that far from Palomino Creek. Now move up to one of those mini-bridges, and then type /fish into the text bar. Under my knowledge, I think Sharks are the ones that give you most of the money. To check your bucket, type /showbucket and then your ID. The maximum you're aloud to take is 15 fishes, which would give you approximately 100-150$. Type /sellfish, to find the red checkpoint, which is found in Montgomery.

Farming; I guess Farming gives you most of the cash across these three jobs, since it gives you 20-50$ each run. Each run would last for around 2-5 minutes, from your speed. You'd have to buy your own tractor, or harvester. I recommend harvester for those who don't have much money, or would like to save up a lot. I find tractors more easier, as it is smaller, and a bit faster in farming. You may find the farming spot round Red County, just type /farm for the red checkpoint. And that's it, it's quite easy since you have to drive up and down, and up and down. ( 1800$ for the harvester, and 2800$ for the tractor )

Bus routes; Bus routes would give you the a good equivalent amount of cash. A bus costs 4700$, quite expensive, but it's worth it in my opinion.
One bus route may take 10-15 minutes, and it would give you 150$ each route. One route would take you on a trip across Palomino Creek, and Montgomery. Red Checkpoints would be shown in the minimap to help you out.

What to do with your money?
I guess now you're wondering, what to do with your money? You have various choices, to either keep saving up for more choices, or just spend it right away. One thing you'd really need is a vehicle. The vehicle dealership is located in Montgomery, which is a couple of minutes away from Palomino Creek. Now, how to actually boost more money into your account. Easy, buy a business. A business is quite expensive, although worth it, since you'd get around 500-2000$ if you're lucky. How about buying a house? You may find houses in Palomino Creek, or in Dillimore.

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Re: How To Start Off

Post by Marcus Campbell on Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:47 pm

Read the whole thing,This can be usefull to new players.

Good job.
Marcus Campbell
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Re: How To Start Off

Post by Nero on Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:50 pm

business named "Little Lady clothing store". To enter the business type /enter, to exit the business type /exit.
Now, keep heading right, until you reach the bank

Lmao, they'll keep going right for... forever....

Once you exit the store, you're facing the street, meaning the bank is to the LEFT.

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Re: How To Start Off

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